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Video: Chromebook Orientation

In order to avoid requiring parents and students to attend an orientation meeting, we are providing this information in a digital format. Students and parents are required to watch this video prior to being issued a Chromebook.

Additionally, students and parents are required to complete a Google Form quiz following the presentation to verify understanding of the video content.

You may watch this video as many times as needed. If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything in the video, please contact us.

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PDF: Chromebook Program Handbook and Information Guide

Most of this information is covered in the Orientation Video. Parents and students are encouraged to read and know the information in this handbook.

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QUIZ: Chromebook Orientation

After quiz

How to view scores & retake if needed

Please watch the video above prior to completing this form. You will be asked questions regarding proper care and handling of the Chromebook as well as acceptable use of the Chromebook and other digital resources. Completion of this form by each student and at least one parent is required prior to the issuance of a Chromebook.

You may retake the quiz as many times as needed. The final attempt needs to have all answers correct and score a 20 out of 20. After taking the quiz, you can click the VIEW YOUR SCORE link to view your score. If you need to retake the quiz, you will be able to click SUBMIT ANOTHER RESPONSE.

       To take your quiz, click here!

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Video: What Does a Digitally Converted Classroom Look Like?

Parents are encouraged to watch this video to see what digital conversion looks in the classroom.

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These forms will need to be signed before a Chromebook is distributed. Parents are encouraged to review these forms prior to attending school registration.

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G Suite for Education

Each student and employee is LSS has a G Suite for Education account. G Suite for EDU makes it easy for students and teachers to collaborate, create, share, and edit files in real-time. It can be used on any device in a safe, secure, and managed environment. You can learn more about G Suite for Education using these resources:

Parents can, at anytime, access their child’s Google account. Login information can be requested from a student’s homeroom teacher.

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Schoology – LSS’s Learning Management System (LMS)

Schoology is the official LMS for LSS and will play a vital part of our digital conversion. More training will be coming as the school year gets underway as student accounts are implemented.

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Digital Citizenship Instruction

LSS utilizes the digital citizenship material provided by CommonSense Education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At LMPS, we are taking a digital approach to the education of our students and moving away from more traditional, paper-based methods. With the digital conversion, each student and teacher will have access to a laptop to support learning. More importantly, students will learn to access and utilize digital resources to connect, create, and collaborate to enhance their learning and make them more effective citizens.
Every student at Lakeland Middle Preparatory School will be issued a Chromebook (ASUS C213SA).
Chromebooks are secure. The safety of our students is our prime concern, and this includes safety from digital threats.

Chromebooks are simple. We want our students and teachers to focus as much as possible on learning, and as little as possible on technology issues.

Chromebooks promote collaboration. Our Chromebooks require students to login using their LSS G Suite for Education account, which provides students with easy-to-use tools for student-to-student and student-to-teacher collaboration and communication.
For students who completed Spring Pre-Registration, Chromebooks will be distributed from noon to 7 PM on August 1st, 2017 at Lakeland Middle Preparatory School. This schedule will correspond with our fall registration for LMPS. Students who did not pre-register will receive their Chromebooks during the first week of school, after all requirements have been met.
Before a student will be issued a Chromebook, the following requirements must be met:

  • View the online Chromebook orientation video and take the quiz via Google Forms.
  • Obtain a padded backpack with room for a 12-inch Chromebook by August 1st.  Here are a few options:
  • Review and sign the Lakeland School System “Student User Agreement / Parent Permissions Form” - a copy will be provided on registration day
  • Review and sign the Lakeland School System “Student Equipment Agreement Form” - you can print and sign a copy to bring with you on registration day, or we will have hard copies available for parents/guardians to sign.
  • Pay the Chromebook maintenance fee ($50) on August 1st.
Before attending distribution, you must have watched the online tutorial videos found at  Once you have watched the videos and we confirm evidence of that you have successfully completed the online quiz, you will receive a confirmation email that states you are ready to attend.  Please bring a padded backpack that belongs to you on the day of your distribution.
Distribution will take place at Lakeland Middle Preparatory School (LMPS) at 5020 Lions Crest Drive, Lakeland, TN, 38002. You can find the entrance to LMPS off Canada Road just north of Highway 70.
While we would prefer that students attend registration and distribution with their parents, a parent can pick up a Chromebook without the child as long as all other required criteria (video orientation at, padded backpack, registration) have been met.
Please contact the administration of LMPS at Matt Adler (Principal) or Corrie Martin (Assistant Principal)  
No, a child can only check out a computer with the parent or guardian on the child’s registration sheet.
Yes.  You may attend distribution one time regardless of the number of children you have attending the school.
Parents are required to provide a padded backpack to store and carry the student Chromebook as well as pay a $50 Chromebook maintenance fee each year for each district-assigned device.
Students who are eligible for Free/Reduced meals may be eligible for fee waivers of this maintenance fee. Please contact school administration for additional information if you believe you are eligible.
We require that backpacks be padded.  It is also beneficial for the backpack to have a dedicated sleeve (big enough for a 12-inch laptop) for the Chromebook.  You can purchase the backpacks from anywhere, but the following link contains some great options:
Parents will be required to pay a $50 Chromebook maintenance fee each year for each district-assigned device.
If a student leaves the school prior to the end of the first semester, he or she may request a refund for half of the Chromebook maintenance fee ($25). Students who leave the school during the second semester will not receive a refund.
Students will be instructed in the use of the Chromebooks in each of their courses, and individual assistance will also be available. Each school will have an Instructional Technology Facilitator to work with teachers and students on the effective use of digital tools. There will be a learning curve for all students and teachers as we transition to this new digital environment, and we feel certain that students and teachers will benefit from learning together.
Students will be able to keep their Chromebooks during the entirety of the school year (typically August through May) including holidays, breaks, and weekends. Students will turn in their Chromebooks for the summer break each year.
We will be using the Learning Management System (LMS) known as Schoology.  Here’s a video explaining a little more about Schoology.  
No. The model of Chromebook being provided cannot be enclosed in a plastic case so personalization of the device with stickers is not possible. Stickers or other markings placed directly on the laptop will be considered damage. Damage (beyond normal wear and tear) and cost will be assessed at the end of each school year.  
Any time a computer is not needed in a particular class, it should be stored in the student’s locked locker.
No. Students may only use the district-issued Chromebook at school.
Chromebooks issued to students are “managed devices.” Students are prevented from installing unapproved Chrome extensions/apps. Additionally, settings on their LSS G Suite for Education account allow for a safe, “walled garden” environment for digital learning. Off-campus web filtering will be provided through which gives parents a portal for viewing student online activity in-school and at-home. Finally, the district will be using to monitor student activity for incidents of inappropriate use and behavior.
Yes. All students will take their Chromebooks home each day. It is expected to be brought to school each day fully charged.
Yes. Homework and other assignments will require wireless internet access at home. Students who do not have wireless internet access in the home should contact the school administration at Matt Adler (Principal) or Corrie Martin (Assistant Principal) to discuss options for home connectivity.
In our digital environment, students will be asked to submit assignments online through LSS monitored platforms, so it will not be necessary for students to print at home from their Chromebooks.
Students will have access to both digital and print materials in our Lakeland Middle Preparatory library.
While some traditional methods of communication will be used, parents will be given Schoology login credentials to see what their child is doing.  Here is a look at how Schoology appears in the parent view.  Additionally, parents will have portal access to for viewing student online activity in-school and at-home.
The Chromebook Maintenance Fee covers insurance for accidental damage and theft, as well as ongoing maintenance which may include security, necessary applications, and other related costs of maintaining the device.
  • Do not attempt to repair any damage.
  • Report the damage to their  homeroom teacher immediately.
  • Submit the Laptop Incident Report Incident via Google Form as soon as possible.
    • Damage beyond normal wear and tear will be assessed at the end of each school year.  Parents will be responsible for intentional or malicious damage to student Chromebooks.
  • Out of School - Parent should immediately notify the child’s homeroom teacher. LMPS will make a physical search to eliminate a misplacement at school. Parent should continue to search at home. If after three (3) days the laptop cannot be located, the School Resource Officer will file a report with Shelby County Sheriff’s Department.
  • While At School - The student will immediately notify his/her homeroom teacher who will inform the School Resource Officer. A report will be filed with the Shelby County Sheriff Department and a copy will be provided to the main office. After the appropriate police report is filed, a replacement laptop will be issued.

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