History of LES

Lakeland Elementary School is the first elementary schools to be built in the rapidly growing city of Lakeland, Tennessee. The school is situated at the corner of Seed Tick and Oak Seed Lane. It was completed and opened August 2001, with an enrollment of 650 students in grades K-5. These students came from four feeder schools: Arlington Elementary, Chimneyrock Elementary, Macon-Hall Elementary, and Oak Elementary.

Due to the extraordinary growth phase that Lakeland is experiencing, the school population has grown considerably since opening. LES lost some students due to rezoning of school attendance boundaries when Bon Lin Elementary and Donelson Elementary opened. The current enrollment is 820 students.

Lakeland Elementary is located on a twenty-acre site in Northeast Shelby County. The one-story building has the capacity for 1,000 students with sixty-five teaching stations. Of the sixty-five teaching stations, seven classrooms are dedicated to kindergarten, seven to first grade, seven to second grade, eight to third grade, six to fourth grade, and five to fifth grade. There are nine classrooms dedicated to students with special needs. The remaining teaching stations include two computer labs, two art rooms, two music rooms, a gymnasium, and a library. Every instructional space at Lakeland Elementary has Internet access.

Most of the teaching stations are divided among four color-coded hallways. One hallway is dedicated to kindergarten classrooms. First, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade classes are grouped together. The gym, library, teachers’ workroom, and cafeteria are located on a separate hallway behind the main office.

The main office is located in the center of the building to provide easy access for students and parents. The library has an Internet research station and utilizes a computer based check-out / check-in system. The cafeteria includes a stage area for programs and performances.

Lakeland Elementary left Shelby County Schools at the close of the 2013-14 school year with the establishment of the Lakeland School System. The ribbon cutting for LES / LSS was held June 3, 2014.

Lakeland has been able to rezone again with the opening of the middle school during the fall of 2017. This allows every elementary child who lives inside Lakeland City Limits the opportunity to attend LES. Our current enrollment is approximately 900 students.