LES is so excited to offer many different types of technology to our students throughout the day.  Below are just some of the ways we do this:

  • Each classroom, including all specialists, have a Promethean Board, SMART board, or Epson Interactive Projector that is used throughout lessons during the day.
  • Each grade level has 3-5 chromebooks in homeroom teacher’s classrooms for student use.
  • Grades 2-4 have chromebook carts to share among the grade levels.
  • Grades K-1 have Nexus 7 tablets along with chromebooks for their students.
  • Kindergarten also uses Mac Book Laptops in class.
  • Both computer labs are equipped with chromeboxes.
  • Our office houses digital signage to show off our upcoming events and special opportunities.
  • The cafetorium is home to an Epson Interactive Projector and motorized screen.
  • The gymnasium has state of the art sound equipment for productions.
  • Teachers have the opportunity to use coding equipment, robotic equipment, and 3-D printers for their classes.


Lakeland Elementary School prides itself on helping guide our students to utilize technology effectively in a digital world.