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Office Phone: 901.290.0505
Fax: 901.290.1226

School Hours: 8 am – 3 pm

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Lakeland Education Foundation
 (LEF) is offering a unique way to permanently recognize your children or family, a teacher or classmate, or memorialize a loved one. Businesses can also display their support of the schools. You can create a personalized brick to be placed at Lakeland Middle Preparatory School. 
There is a limited quantity of 4×8 and 8×8 bricks available. Orders will be accepted until 9/30/17, unless we sell out prior to that date. The bricks will be placed on a path by the flagpole as you enter the school property. To help Pave the Way to Excellence in Education, please visit:  https://www.bricksrus.com/order/lef/

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Battle of the Books. (n.d.). [image] Available at: https://www.dtdl.org/events/battle-of-the-books/ [Accessed 5 Sep. 2017].

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